Stainless Steel Square Shaggy Loops Bracelet

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Stainless Steel Bracelet - Handmade in Canada.

Stainless Steel is our favourite metal.  It's strong, shiny and smooth -- The jewellery we make does not tarnish, it doesn't change colour or turn with wear.  Body chemistry doesn't affect stainless steel.  Our steel does contain a small amount of nickel - It's what prevents steel from rusting, so we do not recommend Steel for people with metal sensititives.  If you have sentitivities, please check out our Titanium & Niobium pieces, which are hypoallergenic.

Shaggy Loops is our original design. We invented it - Named it, and shared it with the Chainmail community!

Bracelet Length is measured from end to end.  It's quite easy to shorten these bracelets, so if in doubt, order slightly longer, and simply remove a few rings.