Shelley is away until Feb 6th

Posted by Shelley on 27th Jan 2023

please be kind and patient.Shelley is away teaching and isn’t checking emails as often as usual. Chad is doing his best to do both our jobs while I am gone.please be kind  … read more

Say So Long to Brass and Bronze.....

Posted by ​Shelley on 20th Jan 2023

So we had a group meeting and have decided that we are going to discontinue our production of Bronze and Brass jump rings as our wire stock runs out. These are the two LEAST sold and least popular pro … read more

Etransfer?? Yes PLEASE!

Posted by Shelley on 17th Jan 2023

Hey Canadians! We appreciate you choosing Etransfer over Credit Card payment – It saves us in Bank fees!  If we can keep our expenses down, then we can prevent raising prices.  Our costs h … read more

USA Shipping delays

6th Jan 2023

Whew!!  We made it through another Christmas Season together!! I would like to apologize for some delays we saw over the holidays - and let you know what we are doing to try and prevent it f … read more

New AA has been discontinued!

Posted by Shelley on 25th Oct 2022

We are very sad to announce that our New Anodized Aluminum is currently being discontinued and cleared out of our stock. Our AA Partner closed their anodizing business in April of 2020 and we haven't … read more