Viper Basket - New size Recommendation!!

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Hey Everyone!  We get a LOT of emails from our customers asking us about ring sizes, and requesting assistance figuring out what might work. We can't always drop everything and spend several hours problem solving... but we do it when we can!!! 

Yesterday a customer asked me about Viper Basket -- she wanted to do Stainless steel, smaller than our kit sizes.  I was pretty busy shipping orders, and working on the website, so my initial response was,  "Here is the size we use in our kits - AR is listed on our website - use these numbers, compare, and it should work.  As AR is supposed to work like this".

So then I got thinking... Hmmm... I wonder... And looked up the AR's , and thought... that looks tight.  So sure enough, I grabbed some stainless rings an tried to put them together - NO GO.  So after about 6 size combination attempts, I thought I had it solved.  Looked ok so I Send the customer an email with the sizes.  I patted myself on the back - Felt victorious and happy that I was able to help someone -- because if they took my AR suggestion it would have been a FAIL.

After supper, I sat down with those rings and America's Next Top Model - to finish the bracelet I started!  To find that 5 rings more... it had tightened up like a snake waiting to strike!! DAMN it.... So sure enough - I increased the small rings one tiny bit bigger, and now I have success.  Sigh.  I just wanted to write this - to show that even after 15 years of weaving daily - we all still have moments that sizing is harder than it should be.

I hope this is helpful to someone else :)  It makes a STUNNING bracelet!!!

Laser Paper Update -- What goes into a pattern design??

Hello Laser Paper People!! I thought I would do a little blog post for you!  Most of my blog posts are regarding Chainmail and Jump Rings which is our main line of work -- But there is always lots of things happening around here!LASER PAPER UPDATE!I thought you might be interested to hear what goes into [...]

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MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONEOrders have slowed considerably so we will ship a USA box this Thursday Dec 21 - and then not again until Wednesday Jan 3rd!  Canada Post packages may move sooner than that - depending on how workaholic-like we are feeling!We will be closed during of the week between Christmas and New Year - [...]

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Christmas is coming... Faster than I realized!

Good Morning everyone!We've hit that magical time of year that we are getting UNCOMFORTABLY close to packages not being able to be delivered to the USA or Overseas before Christmas.  IF YOU ARE IN THE USA... And want assurance that your package will be there before Christmas I would suggest using UPS.  It takes about [...]

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November Crazy time!! Starts NOW!

Hey Everyone!  I just wanted to give a quick heads up for the next couple weeks things get CRAZY busy for us here at Metal Designz.We have 3 Large Christmas Craft Shows we will be attending - For the next three consecutive weekends, in two different Provinces (states) in Three different cities!!  Most of these Shows [...]

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Guest Designers!! Here is the info if you want to be a Guest Designer!

The response has been very positive with our Guest Designer kits.  We were nervous at first, as we were used to selling kits that came with instructions, and we weren't sure how customers would react to having to buy a tutorial elsewhere.  It has not been a problem!  Our customers are happy to learn new [...]

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Thanksgiving is this weekend in Canada!!!

A quick reminder that we are entering Long weekend territory. Sunday is Thanksgiving in Canada - Which means Monday is a holiday, and we will NOT be shipping a USA box on Monday Oct. 9th. This will also affect the Friday box, and possibly the box that is shipped tomorrow, as our shipping [...]

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Her Majesty's Quilt Necklace Kit Error

Her Majesty's Quit Necklace kits-- ERROR ON MY PART. IF YOU HAVE ordered one, until TODAY (Sept 28th), Please cut your chain to length... DO NOT PRECUT THE CHAIN into 18" lengths. I FORGOT to take into account the 3 or so extra inches the chain travels around the pattern, so I didn't [...]

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USPS PLUS International packages = Happiness and Lower Rates!

Because we are in Canada we enjoy MANY MANY wonderful things.  Fresh Air, Open Space, Freedom, Clean Water, beautiful Nature, Farms, Mountains, lakes, Free Healthcare... and on and on. We also have our struggles - Very high personal taxes(that pays for everyone's healthcare), WINTER which contains miserably cold weather, snow, and basically hiding indoors for [...]

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Hey Saskatoon!Our Friends at the Ink House are closing their shop in October to travel to India for a month, so we found a new pick up option for you all!  The Wool Emporium [...]

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