Local Pick up is available again - PLEASE READ

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Local Pick up option is back on the website. Please be KIND and considerate when picking up at the Wool Emporium.  They are open 10am - 5pm Mon - Saturday.

DO NOT PHONE THE WOOL EMPORIUM FOR ANY REASON to ask them about your Metal Designz Order! If you have questions - phone ME!  I know the answers! It's really unfair to bother them with your phone calls.  You order will be there when it gets there.  PLEASE BE PATIENT!!

When your package is dropped off at the Wool Emporium,  I will mark your order COMPLETE on my end. You will get the notification email that your order is complete. We will take packages once or twice a week - not everyday.  

We will Cancel this option if anyone is RUDE to the sweet ladies at the Wool Emporium, or If I get any attitude or nastiness about this service option.

Please realize this option is to HELP YOU - But we have had to remove it once because of Poor customer behavior.  PLEASE Do NOT Ruin this for everyone!!

April Update

Hey Everyone!  So Many new things I thought we needed a blog! So here we are!Half Round Wire Rings... We made these years ago and never added them to the site - They are a little finicky to coil, but we had some time to spend perfecting it so here we go!The main issue with [...]

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February is Coming -- With some items to be unavailable for a few weeks!!! Please read!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!We hope all is well for you this lovely COLD day in January!  We are trying to give you all the advance notice we can about some down times coming up at Metal Designz!  This gives you a FULL MONTH to plan around these two weeks - I hope this helps!Shelley is [...]

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Hey Everyone!  A quick update - I haven't done one of these in a while!  So Here we go!Shipping Updates- Canada Post. Yes, the rotating strikes suck, and are delaying some packages. No I have no control over this. I'm sorry about it, and you can opt for UPS if you would like [...]

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Local Pick up is temporarily unavailable

Local Pick up is an option we have offered for our local customers so you don't have to pay shipping.Unfortunately we have had some issues in the past month that have caused us stress, and created extra work and wonderful local business who was kind enough to allow our pickups to be at their store. We [...]

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Laser Paper Instructions

Roller Mill Texture Paper by Metal Designz Follow these easy steps to get a nice deep texture into your metal! We recommend rolling the metal and texture paper with a piece of Water colour paper (140 pound) - Found at any craft or paper supply shop OR Our Colourful Foam backing Material. This extra piece of material helps [...]

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SHIPPING UPDATE FOR USA CUSTOMERS!! We are switching our USPS to a new third party company TODAY. They are located in Calgary, and cross the border to Sweet Grass MT - this means that the box doesn't have to go all the way to the WEST COAST before it crosses to USPS... and it [...]

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Viper Basket - New size Recommendation!!

Hey Everyone!  We get a LOT of emails from our customers asking us about ring sizes, and requesting assistance figuring out what might work. We can't always drop everything and spend several hours problem solving... but we do it when we can!!! Yesterday a customer asked me about Viper Basket -- she wanted to do Stainless [...]

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Laser Paper Update -- What goes into a pattern design??

Hello Laser Paper People!! I thought I would do a little blog post for you!  Most of my blog posts are regarding Chainmail and Jump Rings which is our main line of work -- But there is always lots of things happening around here!LASER PAPER UPDATE!I thought you might be interested to hear what goes into [...]

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MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONEOrders have slowed considerably so we will ship a USA box this Thursday Dec 21 - and then not again until Wednesday Jan 3rd!  Canada Post packages may move sooner than that - depending on how workaholic-like we are feeling!We will be closed during of the week between Christmas and New Year - [...]

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