Product Review Contest!!

Posted by Shelley on 11th Dec 2019

The Product Review feature on our website is to help people have a better idea of our products and w … read more

Credit Card - Double Charge?? PHONE ME!!!

Posted by Shelley on 2nd Jul 2019

Hey everyone.  Once in a while we have an error on the website where an order is charged twice … read more

Did you know we supply Bead and Craft stores all over North America?

Posted by Shelley on 25th Jun 2019

I was working on one of our Store Customers restocking orders today and snapped a quick picture of a … read more

Light Box makes all the difference in your photos!

Posted by Shelley on 18th Jun 2019

Have you tried using a light box to increase the awesomeness of your jewellery Photos?Mini Portable … read more

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