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New Anodized Aluminum

We are very sad to announce that All our New AA is currently being discontinued and cleared out of our stock.  Our AA Partner closed their anodizing business in April of 2020 and we haven't been able to find a new partner.  Please buy NOW - as nothing will be restocked! NO RETURNS AS THESE ARE CLEARANCE ITEMS 


The NEW AA Rings are from our new anodizing Partner - The rings are coloured AFTER they are cut - so the cut marks are coloured, not silver.

This process is done by basket anodizing, which means the rings are placed in a basket, and then dunked into the anodizing tanks.  There can be some touch marks to the finish of these rings, which appear as little white specs. We do our best to work with our anodizing partner to limit these flaws, but they are a normal part of the process.  Rather than sort these batches by hand, we have priced the AA to include some inconsistencies, and we also give extra rings in each order to make up for any unusable rings! 

Our Mistint Sale items are a variegated variation of color, so they are listed separately at a huge discount.  They are final sale, and also limited quantities!

Iridescent Gunmetal is more like a mistint than any other colour - but its a crowd favourite!!