BezelEase - Castellated Bezel Creator

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About BezelEase™ - Castellated Bezel Creator

The time saving Patent Pending BezelEase™ manufactured by BezelEase™ and exclusively distributed by Pepetools is a precision tool engineered for assisted cutting of calibrated castellated or serrated slots into metals such as silver, gold, copper, and more.

All you need is a jewelers saw and NANO Saw blades to quickly and easily create fancy bezels for your pendants, rings, broaches, and more.

  • Simple to use
  • Save time
  • Produce consistent results
  • Works with wide variety of metal gauges, widths and thicknesses
  • Precision manufactured from aerospace grade stainless steel

A Closer Look at BezelEase™

By following the simple instructions, you can precisely cut bezel tops and sides in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm widths. No fumbling with gauges—each cut is calibrated and accurate, making your bezels look perfect every time.

BezelEase™ is extremely versatile and acts as a vise that secures your bezel material. The included spacers may be used singly or together to form a ledge or platform to support your bezel material and also to accommodate larger materials. They can be rotated for deeper pieces of metal. They can also be removed completely for very thin gauge metals, providing full support to the sides and avoiding distortion of the material as you cut.

The BezelEase™ tool consists of:

  • Outer Front Plate with the BezelEase™ logo and two smooth-bored holes.
  • A thick spacer plate (≅20 gauge)
  • A thin spacer plate (≅16 gauge)
  • Outer Back Plate with two threaded holes
  • Two threaded fasteners
  • A hex key (SAE 3/16)

BezelEase™ assembles into a vise that securely holds your bezel material for cutting or scoring.

NOTE: The top of each outer plate has slots in 2 mm increments. The bottom has slots that are spaced 3 mm apart. You can create 4 or 6 millimeter slots by skipping every other slot to achieve the desired bezel dimensions.


Any Warranty or customer service issues with this tool will be directed to the Manufacture - we are just a reseller!  Thanks!