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Anodized Aluminum Experiment Kit - 18g 3/16"

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Anodized Aluminum Saw Cut Jump Ring Experimentation Kit- 18g 3/16"

Anodized Aluminum are created in a process that uses dye, heat, electricity.  The coating in shiney and bright, and is the most cost effective way to add colour to your chainmail designs.  There can be colour differences between batches that are unavoidable, so we recommend buying more rings than you may need for one project, because the same colour in the next batch may not be the same.  The easiest way to damage the colour coating is scratching it with steel so we recommend using pliers with NO teeth, and you can even use Tool Magic to help protect them!


  • 18 gauge 3/16" ID
  • AR=4.2
  • Our Experimentation kit was created for the many people starting out in chainmail who have all the tools but aren't sure what is a good material type and ring size to start with.
  • There are two colour choices... the pastel kit and the rainbow kit Pastel kit has 6 pastel colours that are subject to change with stock availability.  Rainbow Kit comes with Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.
  • Kit contains 100 ring count of all colours and 250 Bright Aluminum.