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Tool Magic is a heavy duty rubber coating that you apply to the tips of your pliers. Application is quick and easy! Just dip the tips of your pliers in the handy sized jar, slowly draw them out and let them dry for 2-3 hours (we prefer overnight). Once dried, you have a protective layer to help prevent the jaws of your pliers damaging your delicate jump rings!

Tool Magic dries smooth and soft, so your pliers will really grip without damaging the surface of delicate jump rings! This is great for sterling, niobuim, titanium, and enameled copper jump rings.

This product does not provide a permanent coating. Once you are finished working, just peel it off! Also, the length of time it is useable depends how hard you squeeze with your pliers.

The product also becomes thicker over time. It is apparently possible to add a chemical to re-hydrate it, so to speak, but this is advice from the manufacturer, we have yet to try it.

TOOL MAGIC IS NOW ONLY AVAILABLE IN WHITE -- Apparently the company that manufactures it changed ownership, and the new owner has decided to cut all colour choices but white.

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