Sterling Silver Jump Rings 18 (SWG) Gauge Jump Rings - Sold by 1/2 Ounce

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One Half Ounce (0.50oz) Saw Cut 18 SWG gauge Sterling Silver Jump Rings.

Sterling Silver is stunning. It has a lovely weight, super shiny and easy to work with.  We buy all our wire from Umicore in Ontario, or Rio Grande in the USA depending on the wire sizes.  Sterling is an alloy of Silver and Copper.  The prices of this wire do fluctuate on a daily market.  We buy at the best prices we can, and make the rings, and sell them to you as reasonably as possible! 

Our rings are cut in our shop, they are cleaned, tumbled, polished, dried and then packaged with love for you to create with!

The Silver market has been unstable, so we have changed our listing for Sterling silver so it's easier to adjust the prices up and down as we need to.


  • 18 gauge 3/8" ID--AR=9.0
  • 18 gauge 5/16" ID--AR=7.0 
  • 18 gauge 9/32" ID -- AR=6.2 - Moorish Rose
  • 18 gauge 1/4" ID--AR=5.7 -Half Persian 4-1 
  • 18 gauge 15/64" ID--AR=5.5
  • 18 gauge 7/32" ID--AR=5.1 -Double Spiral, Box, Half Persian 3-1
  • 18 gauge 3/16" ID--AR=4.1- Gridlocked Byzantine, Elf Weave, Spiral
  • 18 gauge 11/64" ID--AR=3.9
  • 18  gauge 5/32" ID--AR=3.6 Byzantine
  • 18 gauge 9/64" ID--AR=3.1 JPL
  • 18 gauge 1/8" ID--AR=2.8 - Jello Cube

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