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Stamping Blanks - Bag of 20 - Leaf Shape- 2 holes - Brushed SILVER

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Leaf Shaped Stamping Tags -brushed FINISH
Soft and easy to stamp.  You can get a patina like finish with a sharpie marker, and a magic eraser to remove extra ink.

Thickness - 0.5mm (1/8")
length - 22.5mm (7/8")
width - 13.8mm (7/16")

A hole on either end, perfect for making ID bracelets.
These are machine punched so the odd edge may have a small burr that is easily removed with a file!

Each bag contains 20

Silver Tags have a plastic protective covering that needs to be removed.  It protects the mirror finish until you are ready to stamp

please note i made an error in the photo.  Photo says frost but should be brushed