Stainless Steel Jump Rings 22 Gauge 5/32" id.

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Saw cut 22 gauge 5/32" inner diameter Stainless Steel jump rings.


All of our Stainless Steel is made from CANADIAN 304 Stainless Steel that is annealed, so it is softer and easier to bend than the 1/4 hard that most other companies make and sell.  We also order our wire with a bright finish, so it is clean, deburred and shiny for you to weave with right from the package!  Our Round and Square wire is the same and the sizing is the same - so our square rings work the same as the round - You don't have to figure a different size for our rings if they are square!  The twisted rings are made from square wire, which is twisted, then coiled, then cut, so is work hardened a little more than the others.  It is still MUCH easier to bend and manipulate than standard Stainless steel sold by other chainmail suppliers out there. 

Our rings are Cut in house, they are cleaned, tumbled, polished, dried and then packaged with love for you to create with! We LOVE our easier to work with stainless Steel... You will too!!


  • 22 gauge 5/32" ID
  • AR=7.1
  • This size is a LARGE AR in a fine wire gauge - so expect some tangled rings.  It's VERY difficult to tumble and de-burr without this size getting a little bit interconnected! 

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