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Stainless Steel Baby Scales - Laser Cut - New design

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Baby Sized Stainless Steel Flat Scales

These are laser cut with NO curve. They are Flat. The curve in other scales we carry is made when the punch squishes the metal into shape. We are not using a punch to make these, so they are flat. You can bend them slightly with pliers if you want them to have a ridge or curve.  The stainless has a grain in the metal that runs horizontally across the scale.

The laser they are cut on creates a burr on the back side of the scale. We are removing this burr as best we can with a rigorous tumbling routine. I find when weaving with them, I do find a few scales with a bit of a burr, so I use a little file to clean it up. We are doing our very best to make these as smooth as possible, but you might find the odd one that needs a tweak with the file. We would rather sell these at a lower price for you to enjoy, than spend more time hand filing…

These are made from Stainless Steel 0.023” thick (.60mm or 24 guage)

They measure 12mm long, 7.5mm wide and the hole is 1.7mm – so a 16swg ring fits.

Bulk Discount Is worked into the pricing like our jumprings!