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Square Copper Wire Twisted Jump Rings 18 3/16" id.

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Saw cut 18 gauge 3/16" inner diameter Twisted Square Pure Copper Jump Rings.

Our Copper rings are solid copper - not plated or coated. They are a beautiful colour. Copper will tarnish - it will slowly darken in colour, but can be cleaned in a tumbler or with a silver cleaner.  Vinegar or lemon juice will also clean copper based materials.  All copper based metals must be rinsed well and dryed throughly when cleaned.  If you put wet rings in a bag they tarnish quickly.

Our rings are Cut in house, they are cleaned, tumbled, polished, dried and then packaged with love for you to create with! Copper is stunning and easy to work with!



  • 18 guage 3/16" ID
  • AR=4.2
  • Twisted Rings are made by twisting square wire until it is as even as possible, then we coil it, cut it, polish and clean it.  This means these rings are slightly more work hardened than the others so they are a little harder to manipulate than regular stainless rings.  THESE RINGS WORK THE SAME AS OUR ROUND RINGS -- so the sizing is the same.
  • Each batch of wire is twisted manually, so we recommend ordering more rings than you need, as there will likely be small variations between batches.
  • This size is great for European 4-1 (5320 rings per Sq Foot), Elf Weave, Shaggy Loops, Tryzantine, Used in Celtic Starz, Inverted Roundmail, very useful size to have on hand.

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