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Opti Sight Magnifying Visor

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Super useful tool for tiny rings -- If you are getting old like Shelley!!  I couldn't weave my 24g 1/16" anymore with this tool!! What makes this optivisor Superior in our opinion, is it doesn't have the dark plastic around your face, that blocks natural light!  This light weight vision aid can be worn with your glasses... it's awesome!   

This lightweight, durable magnifying visor is an economical choice for hands-free magnification; the visor can be worn over your prescription glasses and tilts up and out of the way when magnified viewing is no longer needed. The visor comes with three precision, optical-grade acrylic lenses which can be swapped out as your work demands. The comfort band and tension strap connector provide custom, comfortable wear for long periods of use.
• #5 lens: 2.5X; 8" focal length
• #4 lens: 2X; 10" focal length
• #3 lens: 1.75X; 14" focal length

CURRENT STOCK is Light Blue in Colour!!