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Niobium Earrings

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These earrings are super fun! We start with a sheet of Niobium and cut out a main shape. It's textured by hand, and then filed and prepared to be anodized. Niobium is a reactive metal and responds to heat or electricity. We electrocute the metal and the different voltage turns the metal different colours! It is not a paint or dye. Niobium is en element on the periodic table and happens to also be hypoallergenic so these are also perfect for people with metal sensitivities.It is impossible to recreate the identical piece, so each earring is slightly different, and no two pair are alike. These are very unique.You can choose your SHAPE and COLOUR swatch. If you chose rainbow we will zap them to make them as multi coloured as possible. If you chose a solid colour, we'll stick to one colour! I hope you enjoy! These are real works of art!!

Niobium Sheet earrings - Anodized - Original and hand made!