Laser Cut Wooden Garden Stake Marker Sets

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Laser Cut Wooden Garden Stake Marker Sets - Each set only $10!


Regular Garden Selection (14 various Veggies) See photo

Funny Markers (14 silly Markers) See photo

Herb Garden (14 Small Markers) - 4" in length 1/2" in width - Half the size of the other sets. See Photo.

Macbeth Witches Ingredients (8 Markers) See Photo

You can custom paint or decorate with white glue and glitter!! We burn these from MDF and are plain wood.  There can be some discolouration from the cutting process but it is easily painted over.  There is a burned smell like campfire to the markers, as they are burned on a laser and we are making them so fast, they aren't airing out in our shop before the are shipped!  

Ornaments are laser Cut from wood - They measure roughly 8" long, 3/4" wide. 1/8" thick.  The MDF is sealed by the laser when it's cut so it doesn't react with water.  These should hold up well outside for the season.  We chose to make these in wood for 2 main reasons-- Wood is more environmentally friendly than cutting plastic or acrylic, and it's less expensive so we can keep the price reasonable for you!

Custom stakes available - If you have an idea for a set - let us know and we can add it to our offerings!

Shipping CANADA POST - Lettermail isn't available as we have to bundle them to protect from shipping damage - so they won't fit in the slot!  Thanks! Locals are welcome to choose pick up option!

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