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Laser Cut Titanium Fairy Wings - Sold per pair

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Laser Cut Titanium Findings - Fairy Wings - sold in a pair.

Our findings are all Laser Cut on a special laser from 1.2mm thick Commercially Pure Titanium Sheet. We sand them, and tumble polish to make them smooth and perfect. They are plain grey when left in Natural Form - when anodized with electrical current - we can change them many colours.  Photo of colours is our scales made from the same material for reference.

The Wings are offered in THICK - In our regular 1.2mm thick sheet, or a less expensive version in the thinner .90mm thick sheet.  The thin wings are more than strong enough for earrings and are lighter weight.  The thicker wings would be good if you are making chainmail faries and are attaching the wings, or if you want the strength.  I CAN'T bend the thicker ones at all with my fingers. I can bend the thinner ones, but with a LOT of force.  I would still use the thinner for my own earrings.

Measurements - Length 33mm & 12mm Wide

Each item is anodized individually.  No two pieces will be identical due to the nature of anodizing.  We always do our best to get the best results.