Laser Cut Texture Paper -Weave

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Laser Cut Texture Paper Pattern- for use with your Rolling Mill.

This paper is good for ONE pass through the rolling mill and can be used with Sterling Silver, Copper, Aluminum, etc... You need to anneal and clean your metal first, and should be used with a piece of heavy paper, such as water colour paper to get the best imprint. These texture sheets work wonderfully with PMC, Metal Clay, or Polymer clay. They are reuseable for clay, so long as you don't get them wet!

All our patterns come with an instruction sheet on how to get the best results, and a test strip for practice!

Mini, Small or Large choice - Small is great for smaller projects such as ring bands, where large works for larger pieces of metal like a cuff bracelet!
Paper size choice - 3x4", 2.5 x 6", 2.5 x9"

If you do not own a Rolling mill and would like us to apply this texture to the metal for you that is no problem!
Please call us at 1-866-349-7464 or send us an email!

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