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Kinzoku Waterfall Necklace Kit

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Kinzoku Necklace Kit

Kinzoku is the Japanese word for Metal... which is very apt for this metal Japanese pattern necklace.
It's a very basic pattern but very flexible and can be altered and changed to be used a million different ways! I've been making this necklace in round rings for many many years -- it's a favourite and best seller for sure!
This necklace kit includes: Square anodized aluminum in two sizes to create a necklace 20 inches long, with full dangle pieces. Choice is available in both sizes - PLEASE - Use the "Anodized Colour" drop down to specify the colour you want for the LARGE RINGS. And please use "AA Colour" drop down to specify your small ring colour choice.


  • All Project kits come with all rings, instructions, and findings needed to make the project as photoed and described above.
  • You will need pliers - one pair for each hand to complete this project.
  • We recommend pliers with no teeth - Our favourite tool are these Xurons.  They are the best tool we have found!
  • These Chain Nose pliers are a less expensive tool but work well for these kits.
  • These Wide Nose pliers are great for kits that use rings larger than 18 gauge.