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Hone & Highlight Tumbling Medium by Rosy Revolver

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  • One pound of Hone & Highlight™ Tumbling Media.  
  • Fits 3lb capacity tumbler barrel with some room to spare.  
  • Media is meant for use in rotary tumblers only. 
  • Designed to refine surfaces and smooth edges while selectively removing patina to increase contrast and detail.


  • Do you have to follow up with steel shot after using H&H?
    • No.  This is a personal preference and completely up to you.
  • What patina do you recommend using with H&H?
    • We recommend Liver of Sulphur.  
  • Do you ever do any hand finishing after using H&H?
    • Rarely, but sometimes things do need touching up.  
  • Can you tumble more than one piece at once?
    • Absolutely.  As long as you don't overfill your barrel or surpass the weight capacity determined by your particular tumbler, there is no reason you can't tumble numerous pieces at the same time.  Stacking rings, post earrings, and pendants without the chain all do very well together.  Larger rings, bracelets, or pendants may do better if only two or three go in at once as they will have more room to move and be fully impacted by the effects of H&H.  If you find that you're not getting the finish you want on your work when tumbling multiple pieces at a time, try reducing the number of pieces per barrel.