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Gold Stainless Steel Paperclip Cable Chain - Small - By the foot

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Stainless Steel PaperClip Cable Chain -  Sold by the Foot - 12 Inches.

Waterproof Gold Paperclip Chain. A standout in this year's fashion, this exquisite chain is vacuum plated with a lustrous gold finish, combining the timeless appeal of gold with the strength of marine-grade 304 stainless steel.

Crafted from round 17 gauge wire, each link measures 7.5mm long by 3.3mm wide. This chain not only captures the essence of contemporary style but also promises unmatched durability. Like its stainless steel counterpart, the waterproof gold finish ensures it remains untarnished and retains its radiant shine, making it a perfect choice for both daily wear and special occasions.


  • Trendsetting Paperclip Chain Design

  • Crafted from 304 solid stainless steel, vacuum plated with gold.

  • Resilient and Long-lasting

  • 100% Lead Safe.