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EZ Earring Tool

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With this clever tool you can create multiple styles of fish hook ear wires, wire loops and even eyepins for your jewellery making.

Just use a 20 AWG wire (0.80mm). It works great with copper, Niobium, Gold-filled, Sterling silver, half-hard or softer wires.

This tool allows you to customize the length of the shank and add small coil wire coils and/or beads to the regular shank or on a long shank you can add something larger such as a lampwork bead.

Easy to use, hand operated, the EZ Earring Tool was invented to make your ear wires easily and quickly. Just put in a straight piece of wire and in seconds you'll have an elegant ear wire ready for use. You will not need to keep an inventory of ear wires for your earrings. Simply make them as you need them. Your customers will appreciate that even your ear wires are now hand made by you, and can match colour or material

Benefits: Small and lightweight- goes where you do, stores out of the way. Use your choice of metal: gold, silver, copper, niobium and any other half hard metal. No more need to keep an inventory of ear wires. No more buying hundreds at a time just to save money. Make your own ear wires for less than half the normal cost. Make ear wires as you need them.