Econo Pliers - Chain Nose

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For Chainmail we recommend flat smooth jaw pliers. Only for very tough materials, such as large gauge Stainless should you use pliers with teeth. (Teeth tend to scratch, scar, and generally damage softer metals.) Wide, flat nose pliers are best for larger gauge and interior diameter rings. The size of your pliers is always personal preference; larger hands will always benefit from larger pliers and smaller hands will always benefit from smaller pliers, etc.

These Chain Nose Pliers are best for jewelry sized rings of 20 gauge and smaller. You will need one pair for each hand in order to make chainmail. These Chain Nose Pliers are an ECONOMY type product. They are affordable and will get you started. WE RECOMMEND THE XURON PLIERS HANDS DOWN OVER THESE. They are more comfortable and easier to use... You absolutely get what you pay for and the Xurons are WELL WORTH the investment!

However for the price, these are a fine place to start!


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