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CzechMates QuadraLentil Bead - 6mm - 15g bag

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Quadralentil Glass 6mm Four Hole Beads - 15gram Bag 125-130 beads by weight.

CzechMates glass 6mm four-hole QuadraLentil beads. These beads feature a disc shape with a slightly puffed dimension. Each bead features four holes for endless design possibilities.  The holes are rather small for chainmail purposes - but do fit 20 gauge wire.  Small Rings (20g 7/64") will NOT fit, as the curve of the wire is too tight so the rings have to be a bit bigger.  Endless design possibilities!  All Czech Beads are less uniform than Japanese Beads - You might find some beads holes are a little smaller than others.  I set these aside and use with 22g rings!

Sold in 15 gram Bags - roughly 125-130 rings... I counted out several colours to compare - There is a slight weight difference between colours.

Some colours are more expensive than the base price - they show up at a slightly higher price.  We brought these in because we had so many Canadian customers who couldn't find these in Canada. We will bring in more colours if you want them!!  Thanks!