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Copper Half Round Rings -12G 13/64" - Perfect for Spiral

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Saw Cut Half Round Pure Copper Jump Rings.  These rings are Comparible in size to 16g 3/16" that works for JPL spiral.

Our Copper rings are solid copper - not plated or coated. They are a beautiful colour. Copper will tarnish - it will slowly darken in colour, but can be cleaned in a tumbler or with a silver cleaner.  Vinegar or lemon juice will also clean copper based materials.  All copper based metals must be rinsed well and dried thoroughly when cleaned.  If you put wet rings in a bag they tarnish quickly.

Our rings are Cut in house, they are cleaned, tumbled, polished, dried and then packaged with love for you to create with! Copper is stunning and easy to work with!

Half Round Wire is quite different to work with than the fully round wire we usually make jump rings with.  The main difference is that the wire is flatter than round, so Aspect Ratio doesn't work the same.  Also the GAUGE that they sell Half round wire in, does NOT compare with the round wire gauges we use.  We don't want using these rings to be CONFUSING for you - so we will be listing these rings by the Size of Wire, and comparison to the ROUND rings... so you know what you are getting.

Some consideration when BUYING these rings - You MUST be Gentle with your pliers.  You are gripping the finest outside edge of the wire - so squeezing too tight with you pliers will damage the rings. Coiling these rings is a bigger challenge for us, we do our best to make them perfect, but will include some extras in case they aren't all perfect.  

We highly recommend the Xuron pliers for these rings!


  • Half Round wire is roughly 2.0mm wide x 1.0 mm tall in the middle -- rings are roughly 5.5mm ID.  This wire doesn't translate into wire GAUGE like round.
  • This size is perfect for a single spiral pattern.  It doesn't un-spiral like regular spiral, nor does it lock like JPL, but it does hold it shape in the spiral in the pattern, so it's more similar to JPL, than regular spiral.
  • Due to the rounded edges, you MUST be gentle with your pliers... We strongly recommend Xurons for these rings.
  • I would say the spiral chain this makes is most comparable to an 16 SWG wire in round, just to give you an idea of bulkiness.

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