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Celtic Knot Singles Laser paper - Individual - sold each

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Laser Cut Texture Paper Pattern- for use with your Rolling Mill.

This paper is good for ONE pass through the rolling mill and can be used with Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, ect... You need to anneal and clean your metal first, and should be used with a piece of heavy paper, such as water colour paper to get the best imprint.

All our patterns come with an instruction sheet on how to get the best results, and a test strip for Practice!

THESE Small single pieces come individually on centered in a square on paper. measures 1 .25 Inches wide and tall.

We are always working with your feedback to make our product better!!

These texture sheets work wonderfully with PMC, Metal Clay, or Polymer clay. They are reuseable for clay, so long as you don't get them wet!

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