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Bright Aluminum Jump Rings 12 gauge 5/8" id

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  • Bright Aluminum Jump Rings 12 gauge 5/8" id
  • Japanese Ball -- makes great Christmas Ornament
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$2.20 - $16.38


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Saw cut 12 gauge 5/8" inner diameter Bright Aluminum Jump Rings.

Bright Aluminum is light weight, easy to work with, bright and shiny and clean for an aluminum product.  It does oxidize with oxygen and can leave a grey rub off on your skin or clothing.  This can be removed with soap and water, or rings can be tumbled to regain the bright shine.  We recommend this material for beginners because it is easy to work with and inexpensive. 

Our rings are Cut in house, they are cleaned, tumbled, polished, dried and then packaged with love for you to create with!


  • 12 gauge 5/8" ID
  • AR= 7.3
  • These are made with 2.4mm Wire. There is quite a bit of spring back to this thickness of wire -- so the rings will be slightly bigger than the actual mandrel they are wound on.
  • Use for Japanese Balls if you pair with 16g 1/4"

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