Viper Basket - New size Recommendation!!

Posted by Shelley on 16th Feb 2018

Hey Everyone!  We get a LOT of emails from our customers asking us about ring sizes, and requesting assistance figuring out what might work. We can't always drop everything and spend several hours problem solving... but we do it when we can!!! 

Yesterday a customer asked me about Viper Basket -- she wanted to do Stainless steel, smaller than our kit sizes.  I was pretty busy shipping orders, and working on the website, so my initial response was,  "Here is the size we use in our kits - AR is listed on our website - use these numbers, compare, and it should work.  As AR is supposed to work like this".

So then I got thinking... Hmmm... I wonder... And looked up the AR's , and thought... that looks tight.  So sure enough, I grabbed some stainless rings an tried to put them together - NO GO.  So after about 6 size combination attempts, I thought I had it solved.  Looked ok so I Send the customer an email with the sizes.  I patted myself on the back - Felt victorious and happy that I was able to help someone -- because if they took my AR suggestion it would have been a FAIL.

After supper, I sat down with those rings and America's Next Top Model - to finish the bracelet I started!  To find that 5 rings more... it had tightened up like a snake waiting to strike!! DAMN it.... So sure enough - I increased the small rings one tiny bit bigger, and now I have success.  Sigh.  I just wanted to write this - to show that even after 15 years of weaving daily - we all still have moments that sizing is harder than it should be.

I hope this is helpful to someone else :)  It makes a STUNNING bracelet!!!