USPS PLUS International packages = Happiness and Lower Rates!

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Because we are in Canada we enjoy MANY MANY wonderful things.  Fresh Air, Open Space, Freedom, Clean Water, beautiful Nature, Farms, Mountains, lakes, Free Healthcare... and on and on.
We also have our struggles - Very high personal taxes(that pays for everyone's healthcare), WINTER which contains miserably cold weather, snow, and basically hiding indoors for 6 months of the year, and Expensive Postal Services.

Yes - Canada Post.  It does it's best, but because we have the largest Land mass of any country in the WHOLE world, and a relatively SMALL population living in it... we have higher postal rates.  I had no real idea HOW high.  I thought it was weird that it cost me more to ship to Nova Scotia than to Florida... And heck Alaska is cheaper shipping than the Yukon beside it. 

Last year we tried something new when Canada Post was threatening to strike.  We use a third party company in Burnaby BC, who crosses the border and delivers packages to the USPS office for a small fee.  $0.25 - $1.00 per package.  USPS which services 10 times the population of Canada has WAY better rates, and service times. 
In the 13 months we have be using USPS we have had 2 -- yes 2 packages not show up - and both were returned for FREE to me!  So far so good!

Here is my NEW AND EXCITING NEWS!  Last week I had an order from Germany, and it was large and expensive, and so I thought I should check out what our USPS rates were for Germany --- The Package weighing about 1 KG cost us $25CAD to ship to Germany with a tracking number.  Our Canada Post rates for the same package WITHOUT tracking was $38.84. Canada Post Surface Parcel, which takes FOREVER, but has tracking would have cost $55.  And Xpresspost with tracking and $100 insurance and 6 business day time guarantee was $75!!  I am NOT sure what the time will be for this package to arrive to Germany will be, but I am watching to see!

I am trying to figure out how to add USPS as a shipping option for overseas packages to the website.  We can't pull live rates as we do with Canada Post - and its based on weight.  We are happy to check and see If I can get you a better rate and give you a credit back!!  I am hoping some of my International regulars will be our test monkeys :)  To compare the new USPS option and let us know what you think!!!

I hope this makes you as happy as it made me!!!