USPS - BIG UPDATE!! All American Customers please read!!!!

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Well you crazy shoppers South of our Border are keeping us on our toes!  We are shipping enough quantity with USPS that we are changing our shipping days starting IMMEDIATELY.

We will now be shipping every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY to Blaine Washington USPS outlet. This means those orders placed on Wednesday don't wait until friday to ship - and we will work hard to get as many weekend orders moving on Monday.  You should see the wait times improve from the midweek orders.

I will just go over how this works ONE MORE TIME - In case this is the first blog you are reading!  We are in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.  ALL USA orders are shipping with USPS.  This means we use to print your shipping label, and we put them all in a big box and ship to a third party in Vancouver BC.  This takes 3 business days!!  Then they deliver that night to Blaine WA USPS outlet and the packages enter the USPS system.  Any tracking number you get will NOT WORK until they actually get to USPS.  It will show up as info entered but no info.  Please don't worry, or panic, or email me every 10 minutes for a status update.  I don't see anything until you can see it too!

1st Class has a tracking number but no insurance.  It is about half the price as priority, and seems to only take a day or two more than priority... so this is your best deal.  We have only had ONE get returned to us and we have been using this service since July.

Priority - Seems to take 1-3 business days ONCE IT GETS TO THE USA... So a week or a week and a couple days after I click SHIP.  This has $50 in insurance, and a tracking number when we ship. Again, this number will only work once the package is in the USA. 

I hope this helps and makes sense to all our wonderful American Customers.

This new system is twice as fast as Canada Post was, for half the cost, or less.  It's twice the amount of paper work, and hassle for ME but I am happy to do it for you!!!

We really appreciate your business and we do work hard to make you happy!  Communication is important and we are always happy to hear from you!!