Posted by Shelley on 13th May 2020

So not matter HOW many times I try and explain how we are in Canada but we use USPS, but it takes 2 business days for the package to get to the border to be scanned, and no I am not sitting on your package - it really is moving... And so on and so on....

We are always trying to make this time as short as we can!!! We appreciate our American customers and their patience waiting for that tracking number to work!

Now - What I realized this week with the LONG weekend on the Monday - Is if i ship the regular box on Friday - it will sit in the Purolator Warehouse until TUESDAY - and wont get to the USA until Wednesday - So if we ship on THURSDAY - it will be to the Border on SATURDAY - and on the way to you MONDAY! Which is MUCH faster...

This got me thinking, and so we are going to experiment for a few weeks with a Tuesday & Thursday ship schedule to the USA - and Mondays if we have enough packages to make it work! By dropping a friday box, it wont sit over the weekend... in no mans land!

We will see how this works!! And make adjustments that make our service the BEST FOR YOU!!!
Thanks everyone for your continues support of our company!!