Summer is FINALLY HERE!!!

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A quick update for you all about what we've been up to around here!  Spring has been ridiculously cool in Saskatoon.  We had both our little kids playing Soccer, with our daughter also Highland Dancing... which meant an activity pretty much every evening.  We are looking forward to the break summer brings!!  Unfortunately School is out this week.  Kids are excited for summer... Parents... are... Sigh... Ok... Just as excited??!  We will have our little helpers underfoot for a couple of months.  This basically means that we might not be around to answer the phone as regularily as are when they are in school.  I do plan to spend the odd afternoon at the Zoo or Pool, instead of at my desk, but your orders will be packaged in the evenings and shipped as quickly as possible!

Using USPS and our VERY LOW Canadian dollar has kept our website much busier than before.  We are working very hard on a daily basis, including weekends, so that your orders are going out as quickly as possible.  USPS is working VERY well for us. Packages are getting to our American Customers twice as fast as Canada Post, for less money.

Summer Shows and Holidays

Before we had staff we would always do a summer shut down for a couple weeks to spend time with our family.  We are lucky that we have Chad - super star Ring Cutter, and Order filling Ninja.  He will be running the show while we are away, but it's a big job for one person.  We don't ask our Staff to Anodize Niobium or Titanium or Niobium. It's dangerous. We will be removing all Anodized Titanium and Niobium products from the website while we are away, so orders aren't waiting for us to get home!

Chad won't be answering the phones, or emails while we are gone.  He will be focusing on Orders and Ring Cutting.  You can always make a note on your order or send a message through our website with your order if you have any questions, which he will see.  We appreciate your patience and your kindness while we are away.  Any issues will be seen to and made right as soon as we are back!

We plan to be away for the last 2 weeks in July.   We are planning to head to British Columbia to see family and friends and Shelley is helping at a Silver Smithing Class in Chilliwack.  Joe and the kids are heading to Vancouver Island to visit his family... so we will all be having a wonderful holiday!

We have one BIG show in August -- We will be at the Irish and the Scottish Pavilions at FolkFest in Saskatoon August 17-20th. 

A BIG THANK YOU to all our Loyal Customers.  Some of you have been with us since the beginning, and some are new and just getting to know us!  We really appreciate your business.  We also appreciate your understanding that our kids are growing up way too fast to not enjoy them for a week or two here and there.  We don't do this too often, but we will certainly do our best to enjoy our down time. 

A BIG PS -- I forgot to mention that we will NOT HAVE PICK UP ORDERS FOR THE LAST TWO WEEKS OF JULY!!!  You must let them ship, or wait until August for Pick ups -- So Sorry about that but we simply don't have anyone available to Run them to Ink House everyday.