Posted by Shelley on 6th Nov 2018

Hey Everyone!  A quick update - I haven't done one of these in a while!  So Here we go!

Shipping Updates- 

Canada Post. Yes, the rotating strikes suck, and are delaying some packages. No I have no control over this. I'm sorry about it, and you can opt for UPS if you would like to pay the difference.  Hopefully it will be settled soon.

Local Pick up - We have suspended this option for now. It only takes a few people to ruin something for everyone. I'm very disappointed that the Wool Emporium were treated poorly by some of our customers. They were doing us a favor allowing us to leave your packages for pick up.  This shouldn't have created phone calls, rude customers, or any added work load for them. 

USPS - This option is working AMAZING! We have moved back to Monday, Wed, Friday boxes, as the delay between Thursday and Tuesday was too big! So better service for everyone! Plus DYK Post in Alberta is now delivering to the border EVERYDAY!!! Whoot! This is making a very speedy turn around time for our USA customers!! 

Christmas SHOWS!   

We become VERY busy with our Christmas show commitments from now until mid-December.  We will leaving for Calgary on Nov 14th - 18th, and then all the rest of the weekend shows are local to Saskatoon, which is easier on everyone!  Chad will be taking care of your orders while we are away - but this means no anodizing of Niobium or Titanium while I am away.  It's only 3 days - but order ahead if possible!

NEW KITS AND PRODUCTS!  Please check out our website for all the new kits and things!  Lisa Ellis, Kristina Griffin and Karen Karon have been keeping me busy!  Plus Blue Buddha Boutique has picked up a bunch of our kits - and we are in the process of restocking Bedrock Supply in Edmonton too!  It's been a very busy month! I'm wondering why our kits haven't learned to make themselves yet... hahahaha.

We have also been doing some Enameled Copper clearance on our facebook page -- We are working to free up container space for new products!!

Thanks everyone for all your support.  We do appreciate our customers and are glad to help you!  Christmas Craft shows are a big job, and many of our customers understand the pressure and exhaustion, as we see you at Craft shows on facebook and in person too!  We will not have a day off until Mid-December!  So lets ROCK THIS!!  

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS - We are not going away for Christmas so we will be running mostly normal hours - with a few days closed between Christmas and New Years -- Mostly the stat holidays where our shipping companies aren't working!