Out Of Stock items

Posted by Shelley on 27th Jan 2020

I would just like to remind you all how we deal with out of stock items.

If your item is something we MAKE in house - we make that item for you.  This causes a delay of 1-5 business days depending on what the item is, how hard it is to make, how much work it takes to make it ready, and so on.

If your item is something we get from our anodizers, a tool or finding, or anything else we bring in for you -  we mark your item out of stock, and make you a store credit.  Generally most of these items are in stock by the time you place your next order, and you can add them then.

We do not do back orders.  We have SO MANY customers and so many orders we are dealing with we can't keep track of back orders.  Plus Canada has the highest shipping cost in the world, so having to ship mulitple times on an order just isn't cost effective. Just as we don't pad your shipping or make a profit on your shipping costs... we need to be careful and combine shipping as much as we can when we ship out these missing items.  

We appreciate that the vast majority of our customers understand this, and work well with us.

If you don't want us to ship your order incomplete - please make an order note on your order.  But keep in mind this could delay your order days, or weeks even.  Thanks so much!