Posted by SHelley on 19th Dec 2017


Orders have slowed considerably so we will ship a USA box this Thursday Dec 21 - and then not again until Wednesday Jan 3rd!  Canada Post packages may move sooner than that - depending on how workaholic-like we are feeling!

We will be closed during of the week between Christmas and New Year - Our staff will not be here, our kids are out of school, so we will be partaking in some family togetherness, and Settlers of Catan Challenges, and eating way to much.

We will be running some Boxing Week Sales - The Boxing week orders will not ship supper quickly as we will be closed most of that week.  Our kids don't go back to school until Jan 8th this year - which is VERY late - it will mean we will have out helpers home that week after New Year as well, so it might take a few extra days to get the Boxing Week sale orders shipped.

SHIPPING FOR BOXING WEEK.  If you want to combine shipping on multiple orders during this sale week - PLEASE MAKE A NOTE ON YOUR ORDER.  We are expecting those 2 weeks to be very busy, and it's hard when we are doing our best to be fast and efficient if we are also trying to find multiple orders.  We ONLY charge actual shipping, so if we can combine two orders, we'll take the actual shipping and make you a store credit for the overage. We will do our best to stick to your shipping choices, and only to charge the actual cost as always.

I also appreciate your kindness when emailing or phoning for help.  No one likes to be yelled at -- especially when we answer the phone during our family dinner, while we are closed :)

Thank you everyone for your support in 2017!  It was a very BUSY year for us - and can't wait to see what 2018 will bring!  I do plan to get another NEW KIT ready for you in January!!

Shelley, Joseph, & Chad!