Posted by Shelley on 22nd Dec 2020

We will be CLOSED from Dec 24 - Dec 27th.  We will be open from Dec 29 - 31st.  Closed Friday Jan 1st.  We will be shipping USA boxes as often as we can- Regular Tuesday & Thursday boxes will resume on Jan 4th. (We were going to open on the 28th but its a holiday for the shipping companies in Canada)

Please note that Shipping delays for ALL services are the normal for this year. Your package isn't lost... It's in transit and everyone is doing their best.  I have no information on those packages.  Contact USPS or Canada Post - but please just BE PAITENT and give them a chance to deliver them.  They will arrive.  They always do.

Please do not send me nasty emails or feel it's ok to yell at me on the phone.  We deserve to work in an abuse free zone, and while I understand that none of us LIKE our packages to be late -- it's not MY fault, and there is absolutely nothing I can physically do to fix this.  I have taken enough abuse over this already and really have no time for unkindness.

2020 has been a crazy year for everyone and we really appreciate our customers.  We work really hard for you - and I am feeling some major frustration over the shipping delays.  I know they upset us all, but I just can't do anything about it!  Please be kind to one another.  Please remember that these delays will last well into January as everyone does their best to get caught up. 

We will you all a very happy holiday!  I will be available Via Email to help you starting Monday the 28th!