Guest Designers!! Here is the info if you want to be a Guest Designer!

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The response has been very positive with our Guest Designer kits.  We were nervous at first, as we were used to selling kits that came with instructions, and we weren't sure how customers would react to having to buy a tutorial elsewhere.  It has not been a problem!  Our customers are happy to learn new things, and the availability of a kit makes it an easy ordering task!

Here is the low down and a few changes to how we are going to choose our future Guest Designers and Projects. 

First of all, the whole point of doing the guest designer program is to help promote, and cross promote our supplies, with YOUR ideas.  This has been VERY Successful so far.  We love being able to provide the appropriate supplies that you need to build these awesome designs coming from our customers in the Chainmail community.  The bonus for YOU is we have a large customer base that we will promote your design to - so you will see an increase in sales of your tutorial!

If you would like to work with us, and have us build a kit for your design... there are a few guidelines that we need to cover.  

1 - Your project must be completed with our Rings and Supplies.  This should be self explanatory - If your pattern is designed with rings from Hobby lobby or Michaels, we have to test the whole design many times in our supplies to make sure they work.  Also if you are using clasps, or crystals that we don't carry - we cannot build a kit for your project... We need the kit to be complete for customer success.

2- You must send us a copy of your tutorial to review.  We need to be sure that the tutorial is easy to read and that it makes sense.  Joseph and I have been chain mailling for 15 years, and are pretty good at testing tutorials at this point.  We won't share your information, nor do we expect you to change anything... but we can't agree to make a kit for a tutorial that we can't understand!  I hope this makes sense!

3- Jury Stage - We understand that everyone has their own sense of style and design.  We have added a few members to this stage, as a jury.  We will ask their opinion on the project, and a group decision will be made if the jury feels the project is suitable for a Metal Designz Kit.  Just because Shelley loves a project, doesn't mean it will be popular, so we think that this Jury stage will help us choose the best designs to kit up for our customers.

If you would like to be considered for a Guest Designer Kit - Please send an email to Shelley with photos and information!
Thanks for reading!!