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Etransfer?? Yes PLEASE!

Posted by Shelley on 17th Jan 2023

Hey Canadians! We appreciate you choosing Etransfer over Credit Card payment – It saves us in Bank fees!  If we can keep our expenses down, then we can prevent raising prices.  Our costs have skyrocketed in terms of material costs and shipping, but we are doing out best to keep our prices down.

To thank you for your help – We are starting a Monthly Draw for 2023 – Every order placed and paid with etransfer gets a draw ballot for that month and we will give away a $25 Store Credit each month in 2023!

You get a ballot for every order paid with Etransfer for that month.  Each month starts a fresh draw -- Yes you can win more than once!

Thanks for your help!

OUR FIRST WINNER FOR JANUARY 2023 IS Alexandra K -- $25 has been added to her Account! THANKS!