COVID-19 - What a week!

Posted by Shelley on 13th Mar 2020

COVID-19 has sure changed our world in very short time. So many events are being cancelled - Small businesses often take hits in times of the unknown. We will no longer be attending the Glass Craft Expo in Las Vegas in April. It's very disappointing, but we have to work together as a community to contain this!  I appreciate all the support we get from our wonderful customers!  Here is why you can safely continue to shop with us at Metal Designz.

So far our City has ONE confirmed case of COVID-19. We also live in a BIG space, with few people. Our population density is only 2,756/square mile.  Compare that to Toronto - 10,750/sq mi, Or Hong Kong with is 17,311/sq mil.

We are a small family business with 3 total staff members.  We make 90% of our stock in our shop, and we do NOT have a public location for customers to visit. This means business as usual for us!

We make your jump rings, we clean and polish them, and store the product in bins.  When you order from us - Chad pulls your order and bags and labels it.  Shelley ships it. That means 2 people touch your order. We have also increased our diligence for hand washing, and disinfecting our work spaces, so we ALL remain healthy!

We are all unsure of what this virus will bring.  We are working our regular hours, watching the news and making sure our kids feel safe.  We are all in the same boat and are looking out for our family and friends and neighbours! 

We hope everyone is well and works together to overcome COVID-19 as a community!