COVID19 - UPDATE - April 30, 2020

Posted by Shelley on 30th Apr 2020

Hello everyone! 
I figured it was easiest to make a blog post to keep you all informed!  

It's has been such a strange couple of Months.  Our kids have been home from school full time since March 16th. Which is a challenge, but a blessing that we work from our home studio and we are all safe.  COVID numbers here are very low, but we are still taking the virus seriously.  

We are have seen a huge increase in orders as many of our customers are home and looking for projects.  I've been VERY proud of our ability to ship same or next day on MOST orders we receive.  Larger orders or things we need to cut have always caused a couple of days of delay, and we appreciate your patience when this happens.

We are doing our very best to process and ship your orders as fast as we can.  But we will NOT rush orders if it reduces quality.  We try very hard not to ship out rings unless we would use them ourselves, and if that means a delay on shipping - it's the choice we will always make.  We want you to be happy with your product!

Shipping delays are being seen more and more with Canada Post - Both Domestically, and Internationally.  Our USA orders are running as normal as always - We haven't had any USPS complaints within the USA yet! Our partners at DYK POST are still doing daily border crossings and leaving our packages in Sweet grass. 

I'm going to be taking this weekend OFF.  I will not be responding to emails or shipping this weekend.  We need a break.  I've been working 7 days a week to keep up since this all started and we are having a family weekend this weekend instead. 

We really appreciate your support and your business always.  This is a trying time for many people and we are glad that our products help you pass the time and give you a safe hobby to keep busy!

Take care of each other!