Christmas is coming... Faster than I realized!


Good Morning everyone!

We've hit that magical time of year that we are getting UNCOMFORTABLY close to packages not being able to be delivered to the USA or Overseas before Christmas.  IF YOU ARE IN THE USA... And want assurance that your package will be there before Christmas I would suggest using UPS.  It takes about a week to get to most places.  USPS takes 1-2 weeks depending on how far it has to go, and it needs 3 business days to cross Canada - So please choose your shipping wisely this week. 

Canadian orders - You have until next week before our panic will set in - Please allow us a day or two to get orders filled before shipping.  We have had a crazy busy couple months are working to replenish ring stock!

I hope this makes sense and is helpful!

Please remember a little kindness goes a LONG way.  Yelling at us over postal issues isn't going to help!

We have to be smart and work together to get positive results!  We are always happy to help!

Shelley, Joseph & Chad