Account Information.... Correct shipping address PLEASE!

21st Jan 2021

When you place an order on our website -  PLEASE double check that your Address is correct!!

I have been shipping orders for 20 years now.  I have had more wrong addresses given in December and January than I have had in all my history of shipping.  Like several each week!

We also need your PHONE NUMBER - so I can call you to confirm if there is an out of stock item, or if there is a problem with your order and we need to reach you quickly.  Some people NEVER respond to emails so it leaves us wondering what to do!!  I never give your information away or harass you - It's just nice to have when we need it!

Auto FILL is a Great tool -  but YOU are responsible to confirm you aren't filling your shipping address area with useless info such random numbers or the year you were born.  This turns shipping your package into a guessing game for me and USPS!  

If you sign into your account you can see what info you've given us -- Please double check so we have the right information.  

We are not responsible for paying extra fees to Canada Post or USPS if they need to reroute your package because you gave us the wrong information!