Joyce Chen Shears -- A must have!!

Posted by Shelley on 18th Jun 2019

If you don't LOVE sawing thinner metals - Joyce Chen Kitchen shears are a must have for all jewellery makers!  I use mine to cut bezel wire, cutting solder... and cutting sheet metal - 24 gauge a … read more

New Magnification!! At a price we can ALL afford!

Posted by Shelley on 18th Jun 2019

So my old eyes aren't getting ANY younger -- Much to my frustration most days! At Bead & Button in June 2019 a few of the students in our classroom had these amazing magnifer / Optivisor type … read more

Local Pick up is available again - PLEASE READ

Posted by Shelley on 24th Apr 2019

Local Pick up option is back on the website. Please be KIND and considerate when picking up at the Wool Emporium.  They are open 10am - 5pm Mon - Saturday.DO NOT PHONE THE WOOL EMPORIUM FOR ANY … read more

April Update

Posted by Shelley on 17th Apr 2019

Hey Everyone!  So Many new things I thought we needed a blog! So here we are!Half Round Wire Rings... We made these years ago and never added them to the site - They are a little finicky to coil, … read more