Anodized Laser Cut Titanium Finding - Frame for Pendant, or other component.

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Laser Cut Titanium Finding- Sold each - Perfect for Frame of pendant or earrings! Endless possibilies!

We recommend adding some 18g Titanium jump rings in the corresponding colour to your order!

Our findings are all Laser Cut on a special laser from 1.2mm thick Commercially Pure Titanium Sheet. We sand them, and tumble polish to make them smooth and perfect. They are plain grey when left in Natural Form - when anodized with electrical current - we can change them many colours.  Photo of colours is our scales made from the same material for reference.

Measurements - 

Small Bubble Bar - 19mm long & 3mm wide

Medium Bubble Bar- 26mm long & 4.2mm wide

Small Bubble Circle -  15mm Wide

Large Bubble Circle - 27.5mm 

Large Bubble Triangle 26mm 

Large Bubble Square 26mm 


Each item is anodized individually.  No two pieces will be identical due to the nature of anodizing.  We always do our best to get the best results!