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Anodized Aluminum Large Scales - Premium

$8.50 - $13.00
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These stunningly shiny large anodized scales are a new product line made specially for Metal Designz and our customers!

We sent the plain scales to a high end anodizing company who made these colours for us! They are amazing. The photos do NOT to them justice... they are so shiny that they are hard to photograph accurately. We were so incredibly please with these that we will be ordering more colours soon!
They can be used in the Butterfly pattern.

They are Leaf Shaped -
7/8" x 1.41" with 0.35" hole -- These are the same size as the other large scales. These are more expensive because the process is more expensive to do, but the results is amazing. You will notice that the back and front of the scale is perfect - The colour is even and the edges are coloured. There is the slightest touch mark on the inside of the hole, where the scales are hung on a rack to be coloured. It's hard to find the spot as it is so tiny.

10 scales per bag -$8.50
20 scales per bag -$13.00