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Titanium is an amazing metal.  It is light weight, Super strong, and Hypoallergenic.  It is a reactive metal, and colours with heat or electricity.  This is not a paint or a dye - but the outside layer oxidization of the metal when we electrocute it! This colour is only an atom thick, so you will notice it fade with wear and tear.  Some people's body chemistry is more harsh and takes off the colour layer faster than others.  I personally find it lasts for many months - and more if you don't wear it in the shower or spa, or swimming pool! Each time we anodize we get different results, as it is a process.  So we recommend buying enough rings for your whole project in the same order!  The colours will often vary between batches. 

Anodized rings are considered CUSTOM and cannot be returned.  We always do our very best to get the BEST possible colour results for you. Every batch has it's own personality - some will be brighter than others.  We always recommend that you buy enough for your whole project, because your next order might not match! 

It is hypoallergenic, so people with metal allergies can wear this metal. 

WE ARE NOW SAW CUTTING MOST OF OUR TITANIUM RINGS!  We have switched our titanium to Grade 2 - which is softer, and no longer spreads opens once closed.  It's MUCH easier to bend - it is very similar to our Stainless Steel rings. It also colours BEAUTIFULLY, so possibilities are endless!  We have noticed that in some sizes of Anodized Titanium that the colour can alter a little with you bend the rings open and closed.  The colour appears to fade on the area of the ring that bends.  We are told this happens because the colour is a surface area coverage, and bending the wire is changing that surface area.  It's best if you don't over open the anodized rings.

Some batches have a very slight burr, even though they have been tumbled for days and days.  We are cutting these rings with a smaller blade, so they won't tangle in the tumbler, and doing our best to get them as smooth as possible. They close perfectly - unlike the snip cut rings, that always have a little notch.  ENJOY!

WE USE AWG FOR 20-24 GAUGE.  20 Gauge is NOW SAW CUT TOO -- 22 Gauge and smaller are Grade 5 alloy TI-AL6-V4 and these are still snip cut.

These smaller sizes are still hand cut for now.  We are hoping to switch everything to Saw cut Soon!