Posted by Shelley on 22nd Sep 2017

Hey Saskatoon!Our Friends at the Ink House are closing their shop in October to travel to India for a month, so we found a new pick up option for you all!  The Wool Emporium … read more

Tumbler Tales.... Copper plated.... And then not.

Posted by Shelley on 12th Sep 2017

So I thought I should share my unfortunate error in tumbling.  I had a customer order some copper plated clasps, but they were really tarnished in their storage container.  So I tossed them … read more

Summer is FINALLY HERE!!!

Posted by Shelley on 25th Jun 2017

A quick update for you all about what we've been up to around here!  Spring has been ridiculously cool in Saskatoon.  We had both our little kids playing Soccer, with our daughter also Highl … read more