Local Pick up is temporarily unavailable

Posted by Shelley on 5th Nov 2018

Local Pick up is an option we have offered for our local customers so you don't have to pay shipping.Unfortunately we have had some issues in the past month that have caused us stress, and created ext … read more

Laser Paper Instructions

Posted by Shelley on 11th Sep 2018

Roller Mill Texture Paper by Metal Designz Follow these easy steps to get a nice deep texture into your metal! We recommend rolling the metal and texture paper with a piece of Water colour paper … read more


Posted by Shelley on 7th May 2018

SHIPPING UPDATE FOR USA CUSTOMERS!! We are switching our USPS to a new third party company TODAY. They are located in Calgary, and cross the border to Sweet Grass MT - this means that the box doesn't … read more

Viper Basket - New size Recommendation!!

Posted by Shelley on 16th Feb 2018

Hey Everyone!  We get a LOT of emails from our customers asking us about ring sizes, and requesting assistance figuring out what might work. We can't always drop everything and spend several hour … read more


Posted by SHelley on 19th Dec 2017

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONEOrders have slowed considerably so we will ship a USA box this Thursday Dec 21 - and then not again until Wednesday Jan 3rd!  Canada Post packages may move sooner than tha … read more