April Update

Posted by Shelley on 17th Apr 2019

Hey Everyone!  So Many new things I thought we needed a blog! So here we are!Half Round Wire Rings... We made these years ago and never added them to the site - They are a little finicky to coil, … read more


Posted by Shelley on 6th Nov 2018

Hey Everyone!  A quick update - I haven't done one of these in a while!  So Here we go!Shipping Updates- Canada Post. Yes, the rotating strikes suck, and are delaying some packages. N … read more

Local Pick up is temporarily unavailable

Posted by Shelley on 5th Nov 2018

Local Pick up is an option we have offered for our local customers so you don't have to pay shipping.Unfortunately we have had some issues in the past month that have caused us stress, and created ext … read more

Laser Paper Instructions

Posted by Shelley on 11th Sep 2018

Roller Mill Texture Paper by Metal Designz Follow these easy steps to get a nice deep texture into your metal! We recommend rolling the metal and texture paper with a piece of Water colour paper … read more