Out Of Stock items

Posted by Shelley on 27th Jan 2020

I would just like to remind you all how we deal with out of stock items.If your item is something we MAKE in house - we make that item for you.  This causes a delay of 1-5 business days depending … read more

Product Review Contest!!

Posted by Shelley on 11th Dec 2019

The Product Review feature on our website is to help people have a better idea of our products and what they can expect when ordering from us. I would LOVE to see MORE reviews on our website - but I … read more

Credit Card - Double Charge?? PHONE ME!!!

Posted by Shelley on 2nd Jul 2019

Hey everyone.  Once in a while we have an error on the website where an order is charged twice to your credit card. I'd not sure WHY this happens - if it is a Big Commerce Error, or a Moneris (Ba … read more

Light Box makes all the difference in your photos!

Posted by Shelley on 18th Jun 2019

Have you tried using a light box to increase the awesomeness of your jewellery Photos?Mini Portable Photo Studio Shooting Tent, JHS-TECH Small Foldable LED Light Box Softbox Kit with 6 Colors Backdrop … read more