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Shipping Costs -- Ouch!

Posted by ​Shelley on 1st Oct 2022

Hey Friends!  We do our best to get you the best price for shipping - but it's not up to us what we have to pay. We do our best to cover our costs - we don't pad our costs to make a profit! … read more

Shipping Insurance Store Policy Update!

Posted by Shelley on 19th May 2022

We have been in business 21 years now and have been proud of our customer service.  We have done our best never to leave a customer empty handed if there is an issue.  Shipping Issues are be … read more

UK SHIPPING -- We will try again!

Posted by Shelley on 13th Apr 2022

Shipping to the UK --We realize that the VAT changes have been stressful and annoying for everyone - and we've had a LOT of people reach out that they want us to ship to the UK again - So we will do s … read more