Christmas Season shipping info...

Posted by Shelley on 2nd Dec 2020

Here comes the holidays!!  Shipping has been crazy this year in a pandemic. All postal services including couriers are at their breaking point due to COVID 19, Online shopping, and now made … read more

Gift Certificates

Posted by Shelley on 25th Nov 2020

We do sell Gift Certificates and they are hard to find on the website -- it's in the main drop down where you sign in -- at the VERY bottom. So here is a link :) … read more

International shipping issues...

Posted by Shelley on 3rd Sep 2020

Unfortunately shipping times to overseas locations are taking longer than some people are willing to wait for.  We are currently pausing our shipping to Australia and New Zealand - which seem to … read more


Posted by Shelley on 23rd Jul 2020

So It looks like USPS is finally starting to show some delay in processing our packages.  Our Tuesday July 21 box arrives as normal, but they haven't scanned them yet.  So sorry for this del … read more

Reship Fees -- USA bound packages

Posted by Shelley on 10th Jul 2020

If you use an incorrect address on your USA shipment - there is a $10 Minimum reship fee. We just had our first experience with re-directing the package.  We have to pay a second shipping fee, an … read more