UV Pony Beads

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Bag of 100 UV BEADS -- These are bagged by weight, so we do our best to put in more than 100, but please understand if your bag has a couple beads less due to human error. UV Beads have a chemical substance embedded into the plastic that will change color when exposed to UV radiation (sunlight). When indoors the beads will remain white as long as they are kept away from windows or doors where UV light can leak into the room. The UV Beads contain different pigments that change color when exposed to ultraviolet light from any source, including the sun. The beads are all white in visible light. In UV light, depending on the pigment added to each bead, you will see different colors. Each bead will change color about 50,000 times before the pigment will no longer respond to UV light.Use these beads to create jewelry and key chains to help remind yourself and your family to use sunscreen when outdoors! If the beads are colored, you are being exposed to UV light!Holes are approx 3-4mm and the are 6mm long and 8mm wide

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