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Rainbowed Anodized Titanium Jump Rings 18 Gauge 1/2" id.

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$8.50 - $58.66


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Saw Cut 18 gauge 1/2" inner diameter Rainbowed Anodized Titanium Jump Rings.

Titanium is an amazing metal.  It is light weight, Super strong, and Hypoallergenic.  It is a reactive metal, and colours with heat or electricity.  This is not a paint or a dye - but the outside layer oxidization of the metal when we electrocute it! It is hypoallergenic, so people with metal allergies can wear this metal.  This metal is the ONLY metal we hand cut, rather than saw cut.  Saw Cut titanium is VERY hard to work with.  The spring back causes the metal to relax after it's been closed... causing your perfect closures to reopen... we find that if the rings are hand cut with flush cutters, the closure isn't as perfect as saw cut, but it stays closed!!  We DO NOT RECOMMEND titanium as a beginner material.  It is VERY hard to manipulate and bend and is not a beginner friendly material choice!  Titanium will actually spark on occasion when you push the two ends of a ring together!

The Rainbowed Rings are anodized in a unique fashion so that each ring is individually coloured. No two rings are the same - Each batch will vary. We recommend buying more than you need, as the next batch might differ. These are more expensive than the regular anodized titanium because we have to do the rings a few at a time, and it is very time consuming. They are totally worth it!

Our rings are Cut in house, they are cleaned, tumbled, polished, dried and then packaged with love for you to create with! 

THIS is our first Batch of Saw cut rings!


  • 18 gauge 1/2" ID
  • 12.7mm ID
  • These rings have a huge aspect ratio and aren't really bracelet appropriate. They do make FANTASTIC Earrings!!!

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